Holy Jesus, our Lord, Savior, our Love,
As your servants help us to follow You,
In the quest of Your Kingdom of Holy Love.

Help us to look with Your eyes of faith
as we behold You and each other
To listen with your ears of truth,
to Your Word Your call in our lives
To touch and feel with your passion and mercy.

In trusting holy love may we embrace
In and at Your Cross.
Help us to cast aside the fears,
To reject the doubts of the world that assail our

As servants of Your Holy Love,
may you knit and embrace our spirit and souls,
with the love of Your choosing,
And, as we die to self and this world
In Your Love
may the passion of your Cross unite our lives,
in Your Kingdom of Holy Love.

Help us, as we follow You,
In this quest for Your Kingdom,
To share and proclaim the beauty and joy
Of Your Holiness,
The limitless expressions
Of Your Love,
To all we meet.

Clothed in naked hope,
the quest for love commands.
To love as You love us,
to break through fearfilled lands.


Holy Ascended Lord, teach us to love as you love.
May we see the sorrows of life with Your eyes of hope
and healing.
May we share the joys You bring with humble open
Help us to embrace, with you, all you bring to us,
with that same love and mercy with which You draw us
to yourself.
Lead us Jesus to love as You loved, sharing the
passion of the Cross and the intense boundless joy of
Your resurrection. As we live, as we love, Holy Lord,
make us Your lovers in true word and deed.


to seek, to share, to be open,
to hope, to trust,
to be happy, to give and receive,
to hurt, to heal,
to forgive, and be forgiven,
to succeed, to fail,
for life
for His love.

“Love has no room for fear; rather perfect {mature}
love casts out all fear” I John 4:18


Hearing His call I came,
In fear, in dread,
Knowing myself, unworthy, weak and broken,
Seeing Him, Beautiful in Holiness
and Love.

My sin, my failures,
I sought to hide,
In reason and faulty intellect,
In pride-filled unbelief.

Still he called,
He drew me to Himself,
In His arms, with gentle strength,
He washed and healed,
And I saw,

His hands were scarred,
His side, the wound,
I cried, Why?
He answered, Love
He smiled, I cried,
In Love…

He whispered gently,
Will you trust Me?
Yes I said,
Lifting my head, he looked at me,
Will you love Me?
Yes, I wept.

Drawing me closer,
I felt the pierce, the thrust,
And with the pain
His Love entered.

After resting He spoke again,
Let us go,
Let us love.
Hearing His call,
I will follow…amazed,
In Love.

{Exodus 21:5-6; Romans 12:1-2; I Peter 2:16-17;