Bailey, my Golden Retriever is very happy today. Northern California is very rainy. Creeks are flowing, grass is soggy, puddles are prolific. This morning he and I went to the vineyard behind St. Peter’s for his mid-morning tinkle break. As I huddled under the umbrella he grinned his way through the rain. Savoring the puddles, eating the green grass, trying to take a sneaking run into the creek he was overjoyed with life, amidst the storm. For good measure he took a good roll on the wet lawn in front of the church. Bailey’s only frustration is that when he went inside the office no one would come out to play. In spite of his disappointment his Golden grin was soon replacing the disappointment in his eyes.
It reminded me of the prayer I saw the other day; “Lord make me the person my dog sees in me”, even when I won’t roll in the wet grass with him.