struck me today how much is said about the coming of Christ, appropriately enough. Christ is coming, returning in glory, it is a real and powerful promise. Also the truth and beaurty of Christ’s first coming, the Incarnation, God, made flesh, born in a stable, in redeeming love for us all. Simply, truthfully powerfully said..God came and is returning…yet it leads me to consider, where are we going?
Are we “going crazy” trying to meet the absurd and impossible demands of the season played out in the glossy advertisements and commercials? Buy this gift and your loved one will forever love you and be happy!!!! HOGWASH!

Are we going to make all the family meet our hopes and expectations and when there any get togethers everyone will be in place with their smiles of harmony?? Probably not. And if our hope is that they will meet our expectations perhaps it is better to thankfully pray for our loved ones and ask God to bless and guide them where He wills for their happiness.

Are we going down memory lane visiting all the “what if’s”, the “if only that hadn’t happened” or “if I had only”…Memories are precious and need to be visited. But to live in the past???

There are many places we can go this Advent season. But if He came for us. Might we not want to go to Him?