Summer Heat

Summer heat presses down,
causing many souls to frown.
Long forgotten winter rains,
‘too cool, too wet’ we complained.
Now we’re hot and can’t cool off,
as summer heat presses down,
wilts the flowers,
burns the ground.

Global warming, many mocked.
Now they wonder and take stock.
Is it funda-vironmentalist ranting?
or can it be actually happening?
So as comfort levels are confronted
As we swelter and we wonder
summer heat presses down,
causing many souls to frown.

Perhaps our Creator would want to speak.
Might that God our soul does seek.
Oil and gas you do seek.
More and more, and make it cheap.
for power is what we want.

But in humanity’s selfish greed,
Yes, we cause the earth to bleed.
All creation groans and cries
to be set free from selfish pride.

So as summer heat presses down,
Let us pray instead of frown.
Yes it’s Oil and Power,
we must seek,
but not in greed and havoc wreak.

Holy Spirit, Oil of God,
Guide and lead us in the love,
And the power from above.
for all of life Your stewards be
to nurture and creation free.