The recent news of another sex scandal involving a man of the cloth (yes, sadly, it happens in both Protestant married clergy and celibate Catholic clergy) has brought a renewed fervor of stone throwing. The liberal, non-believing crowd bewails, with glee, the “hypocrisy” of the Christian leader who has fallen. There are also those Christians who in a fervor of seeming righteousness cast their stones of shame and condemnation for the man who has fallen in the perceived worst of sexual sins.
All this leads me to consider…


Cast the stones,
is the call,
when we see
the sinner fall.

Cast the stones
We must act
For those caught
In sinful act.

Wicked men!
Shame for shame.
They must bear
their full shame.

Cast the stones,
The law’s been broken.
Just revenge
is our token.

Cast the stones,
Make them cry.
Let them know
Our rightful pride.

They must see,
Make them know,
How right we are
To cast these blows.

Cast the stones
Accuse, attack!
Let our zeal
Show no lack.

Forgive, show mercy
Offer hope?
I think not.
Don’t make me choke.

So stones of anger
Let us gather
For the sinner
We must batter.

Yes! Cast the stones.
Go ahead.
These the words
The Master said.

And then I saw.
My name he wrote,
and all His laws
I had broke.

Cast the stones
Go ahead
If a sinless life
You’ve led.

So…cast the stones
Yes I will
Stones of mercy
A bridge to build.

Across the gulf
Of fear to cross
A path of hope
From our loss.

Cast the stones,
The way to make
To His Cross,
The path to take.