On Monday, June 18, 2007 the Charleston S.C. Fire Department responded to a structure fire in a furniture store. In the line of duty nine firefighters died fighting this fire.

Final Call

Dedicated to the Charleston Nine and all the other Firefighters who died in the line of duty.

The tones have sounded.
A fire calls.
Riding their rig,
To the smokey pall.

Sirens scream.
Red lights flash
On to the fire
Flames warnings cast.

Arriving on scene,
To their task each one goes.
One to the pump,
Others to hose.

The officer assesses.
Another alarm is raised.
Heavy smoke showing.
Rescues to be made.

Inside for the rescue,
Interior attack.
Inside for the crew.
They will not hold back.

Inside the building,
On hands and knees,
Heat, smoke and noise,
No one can see.

Adrenalin pumping,
Their hearts flowing strong.
Fears are controlled.
They’re pressing along.

Knocking down flame,
Searching each room,
They seek anyone trapped,
In the fiery gloom.

Then in the battle.
Their comes a brief moment.
Followed in instant
The fire has vented.

Air rushes in,
Flames explode.
With deafening roar
The crew is no more.

The tones have beckoned.
Angels appear.
Escorting the fallen,
Beyond all tears.

May the souls of the faithful in duty rest in peace.