Eager, stubborn the boy had left,
off to live his life he set.
From the father’s wealth he bore,
From the father’s heart he tore,
Love and hopes with tears he gave,
the son his share of what he’d saved.

The son the road quickly trod.
And spread his given wealth abroad.
Seeking pleasure and sensual gain,
Soon he found but loss and pain.

Money gone and hunger found,
In lonely places the boy did scrounge.
For wasted food with swine he fought,
as solace for his hunger sought.

The empty pangs of stomach hid,
not the pains of his heart, but bid.
Longing for the meals of home,
Even a servants place his heart did own.

Struggling in his sorrow.
Aching in his loss,
His father’s gate in humble tears,
he arose and sought.

For his son his thoughts did trend.
As his pain, his heart did rend.
Looking, watching the homeward path
His wearied hopes could not slack.

Then one day, his eyes with tears did fill.
With joy and love did they spill.
For up the road in rags so humbled,
the son he sought did weakly stumble.

Running fast his child to embrace
the father ran the eager race.
In broken sorrow his child had trod.
In love and joy the father called,
My son!