We face floods of catastrophic proportions in the midwest.
A fire season in California of profound and dangerous intensity has started and it isn’t even summer.
Drought conditions are impacting food production here in California and throughout the world.
Fuel and economic chaos is impacting every nation and family, most with stress and loss. While the very wealthy are generally growing richer.
The moral morass of this nation and much of the world is a battleground of fears prejudice and greed with selective judgement and condemnation while souls starve not just for food, but for for acceptance, respect and love.
The Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2009 will be $2,650 Billion Dollars. 54% ($1,449. Billion will go for military spending. 46% ($1,210. Billion will go for domestic needs. This nation’s military spending eclipses beyond comprehension any other nation on earth. When this nation invaded Iraq in March of 2003 someone asked my thoughts. Before I could even form any significant thoughts I heard myself say..”This nation needs to pray for mercy.”
Christ’s message was really quite simple in the Upper Room. As He faced the hate and doubts of the world He gave us His Body, His Blood. While John the Beloved trusted in His embrace God, come in the Flesh said:
“This is My Commandment, Love one another as I have loved you…” {John 13:34}

Lord Have Mercy…