An open letter to Senator Barack Obama:

Dear Senator Obama;

I listened carefully to your acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention and was very deeply moved. I sense you understand the need for these United States of America to once again be a united people of courage, caring and sharing LIFE in the spirit that has made America great.
I have been undecided in this most important of elections of recent times. After hearing your speech and studying your positions on many issues I felt ready to make a decision.
Except for one issue in which you refuse to honestly explain or discuss your position. The issue of abortion is too important to hide under the wraps of fancy political double talk. As a former Republican I am now a Democrat (a Democrat for Life).
Will you please answer these questions?
How could you be so instrumental in Illinois when you brought about the defeat of the a law that would have allowed the saving of infants born alive during an abortion?
How can you accept the support of the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood? Documented evidence is available of PPH’s founder, Margaret Sanger’s position on eugenics and the racist targeting of blacks as an inferior people? Or even their recent tapped phone conversations accepting donations to help abort black babies?
Any of these questions and points can be easily researched via the internet. I encourage all readers to simply Google these topics and study for yourself. The choice is yours.
Why can’t you even consider the concept of requiring full and clear information being required as to what is being aborted and how it is done to the unborn and the impact it has on women before an abortion is chosen. What is wrong with fully educated choice?
I purposefully chose the picture attached to this letter as an honest example of the information pro-abortion people are so afraid of sharing, or viewing.
I want to give you my vote Senator but until you honestly and courageously answer these questions and convince me how your decisions are right, that will not happen.
I also wrote a letter to you at your campaign headquarters a couple of months ago seeking the same information. While not surprised, I had no reply.
For the sake of this nation and of life, please answer the questions.

Harry J. Martin