As most of my readers are aware I have been working on an advocacy ministry for the mentally ill and their loved ones. It is called Dolorosa. To help support this labor that our Lord has given to my heart I invite you to visit a work of my hands: Dolorosa Candles at:
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This is the online candle shop for Dolorosa Candles where you can purchase 100% beeswax candles from hand-dipped tapers, votives and assorted pillars. The proceeds will help support the work of Dolorosa.

Here is more information about this work:
Dolorosa works to:
Overcome the stigma of the mental illness and afflictions.
Provide information and education about mental illness and afflictions for those experiencing mental afflictions, their loved ones, faith communities and community groups., through literature, workshops and retreats.
To help develop accessible, integrated care that enables the afflicted, loved ones, medical professionals, faith communities and others to work together for the health of mind, soul, body and spirit.
Dolorosa recognizes that caring for the mental health of the whole person includes caring for the mind, soul, body and spirit in an integrated response of all these components.
Dolorosa is Catholic in spirituality yet recognizes, respects and encourages the sharing of all faiths in responding to the need for better care of the mentally afflicted. Dolorosa refers to the Latin word expressed in the “Via Dolorosa”, or the Way of Suffering, the Way of the Cross Of Christ. It also can be translated “the way of roses”. It recognizes the real suffering mental afflictions can bring to the individual and their loved ones. But it also recognizes the beauty and worth of the individual, regardless of their afflictions. It sees that suffering can have purpose, positive worth and beauty, regardless of the thorns.
Mental afflictions may refer to:
Mental illness, Dual-diagnosis with substance abuse; Brain injury; Traumatic Psychological injury; Mental disabilities; Life stress, anxiety and depression. While these issues are very distinct and differ they share common problems of stigma and the need for accessible, integrated care. They all affect the mind, the psyche, the human soul.
Lighting candles…
Of faith to overcome doubt,
Of knowledge to
overwhelm ignorance,
of hope to quell despair,
of love to conquer fear.
Your prayers and support for Dolorosa would be blessing to many. If you are interested in hearing more or helping please let me know via the this blog’s email link.