Here is the cyber-version of my homily for this Ascension Sunday:

“God mounts His thrones with shouts of joy…” So rings the refrain from our Psalm for this Ascension Sunday. After giving them their quest and His promise he ascended to the Heavens to return to His Father. God the Father reunited with God the Son, to thus send the fullness of God the Holy Spirit. The joy in Heaven is beyond words. If we think of s loved one we have not seen for some time..perhaps one who has died…yet we are now reunited with them..this joy we would know is but one grain of sand from an ocean beach, compared to the joy of the reunion between God the Father, and God the Son.This lesson of the Holy Trinity is also a vital lesson of this same quest and promise given to the Apostles and all believers to this day, a quest and promise to:

The Land of Promise ~ The Kingdom of Christ
Called out of limits and sins of our humanity, our understanding and boundaries of this world. Called from the culture of doubt, fear and judgment to be one people of forgiveness, mercy and healing hope. We are called to cross the Jordans of self, pride, fear and doubt to enter into and proclaim the Gospel of Christ and Risen hope, healing mercy and empowering holy love.
Called to all nations in the quest, the work of the Gospel of peace. Called to learn and share in the discovery of the joy of His Kingdom, in, with each other and our self as we focus, together on Christ and heed, not just our own human wisdom and insights but the will of the Father. With those same shouts of joy with which God mounts His throne with His Father so we too can know the same joy as Christ ascends the throne of our hearts, homes and lives.
Yet..we know it is impossible. We know our limitations. This world of sin, pride and sensual excess would mock this feast, our Lord and our own quest to follow Jesus. But it is in that reality..the same real world Jesus spoke to His early followers, He gives to us the Promise of Pentecost. Next Sunday we celebrate the promise and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early Church. That same Spirit of Christ, given just last week in the holy sacrament of Confirmation would give to us the power to become followers enflamed and empowered for our own quest into the truth and place of Promise , the Kingdom of Christ.