Cyber Homily ~ 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time ~ 25 July 2010

teach us to pray”
His disciples sought,
And seek we too today,
for Heaven’s glory wrought.

When you pray, shared our Savior,
give praise and worship to God our Father.
From hearts of faith and love,
So He did implore.
For so will, with angels help,
our prayers, our hearts,
to His Presence soar.

Pray in humble thankfulness,
for blessings felt and seen,
and for those hidden behind Heaven’s screen,

And in sorrow for our sins,
God’s mercy, His holy grace, to seek.
To cleanse away sin’s wounds and stains,
to quell and silence the accuser’s blame.
Then, in God’s forgiveness sought and found,
may our forgiveness so abound.

In prayer, with each other, then,
to at His holy wounds attend,
and discover,
that one,
through His sacred Body,
and His Blood,
the power of His love to send.

Then in the sacraments of prayer,
in those sacred places, shared,
with God,
we draw near.
In God’s Presence,
His strength to know,
empowered in His love,
to grow,
strong to pray,
as long as needed;
for seeds of grace to swell,
all evil for to quell.

Teach us to pray,
and in You grow.
Make us bold,
Your love to show.