Christmas, celebrating the nativity of our Lord has come on a Saturday this year. The Church calendar brings us the Feast of the Holy Family on the Sunday after Christmas. This brings us a weekend of profound richness in the graces of our Lord.
The day after Christmas is, for many, an anti-climatic end to the intense pressures and demands of the holiday season. For many with the presents now all open, the feasting fulfilled there can be a sense of let down.
Let’s take at least these few moments to simply let the Holy Family be with us…today. Let us allow them to come down from the plaster pedestals of piety that have been created and allow them to be, themselves, holy, and wholly human and fully surrendered to God the Father’s Love. And let us listen to what they just might share with us.

Joseph, what would you say as you sit with us? ” Work well and faithfully in the gifts God has given you. And in the times of struggle and uncertainty that we all share, Rest. And let the angels of god guide your dreams and conquer your fears. And always, with me honor and protect my beloved Mary and follow her Son.”

Mary, What words would you share with us this Christmas over 2000 years since Bethlehem? “Hold close in your heart the gift of my Son. Listen to Him. Do as He says. Allow Him to unwrap the beautiful gift of who He created and redeems you to be. And never, never fear to say Yes to Him”.

Jesus…from the baby in the manger we now see you, the young man who will carry the cross and conquer the tomb. We are perhaps afraid to look to You. Yet Your Spirit lifts our souls to look into Your eyes. We hear you speak…our name and hear…”Come, follow Me.

And Mary and Joseph smile. The greatest gift is being opened.