I am , without apology, an advocate for Respect Life, for Whole Life. This includes fighting for the unborn child, my opposition to euthanasia, assisted suicide and the tragic disregard of life for the infirm, mentally afflicted or disabled. It includes the rights of mothers (and fathers) to know the destructive affects of abortion on their own health, physical, mental, spiritual. But it also includes the people of Dafur, Somalia, and other areas where life and our environment is destroyed through the greed and the cruelty of humanity.

In this entry, however, i want to briefly focus in the double standard of being right to life, except in Capital punishment. I find it very troubling to see politicians extol their “pro-life” stand regarding abortion yet at the same time be aggressive in their pursuit of capital punishment. A powerful example is Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. He is commendable in his efforts for the unborn, yet it would appear that once born, life is no longer sacred. He has one of the largest records of inmates executed in the execution-happy state of Texas. That he has overseen over 230 executions would be troubling enough. However there is at least one, if not more of those executed who, by all indications, was innocent. One case, now before the U.S. Supreme Court, is for a man that is, by prosecution efforts and words now on death row because he is black. This ignores those executed (in Texas and elsewhere) with strong indications of mental illness or mental disability.

There are news clips of pro-life politicians speaking of their efforts FOR capital punishment and then being loudly cheered by their “pro-life” crowds, many of which are Christians. Is not this a double standard? There are noble rosary programs being said “For the Unborn”, yet are those praying also cheering for capital punishment?

As we pray for the unborn we need to pray for their moms and dads, we need to pray for the courage to love them and help them support their child, with words, deeds and money. As we pray for the unborn, as we say our rosaries, we need to remember our Blessed Mother’s Son was on Death Row and was executed unjustly.