Our world is increasingly torn with strife and hatred. Politics, culture wars, even in the church, the right and the left are seemingly intent on the others demise. Perhaps it may help to remember we are designed with two arms…

Two Arms
March 2012

Two arms there were,
that were sure,
their arm alone,
was strong and pure.

Arm the right,
knew the way.
And strove and carried
right to make.

Arm the left too was strong
and with skill and power
fought alone,
good and truth to grow and own.

Arm the left and arm the right
hated the other
with all their might.
They hit and held the other arm,
and did all they could to rid and harm.

For they knew,
the arm opposed,
must be fought
or at least controlled.

To tolerate the other,
with respect to hold,
To listen or to learn,
Left them truly cold.

Then one day the two arms,
realized in dismay,
that they were lost
and they grew afraid.

Afraid and in their ignorance,
the other they did blame,
for bringing them to a place
of cold and darkening shame,
For failure…
each would not claim.

While the cold,
the dark greater grew.
the two arms longed
a light, some warmth,
their dying hopes to brew.

Then in the darkness
each arm did find
an unlit candle and
some dry pine.

With arm the right some matches dwelt.
While arm the left some kindling felt.
But alone the arms did long and fight
a fire warm to quell the night.

Finally in weary fear,
for the dark and cold
they could not bear,
Arm the right and arm the left,
together with their different gifts
a fire bold did they make.

And in the shelter of the fire warm
the arms embraced and soon learned,
they were joined, they were one.
And although opposed
they shared the one
heart and hope
and strength to claim.

So arm the right and arm the left
discovered together
how to reach
and how to rest.
And what the other really did do best.

They helped to let loose
the hate the other held.
And with the other did they find
together the good they could meld.

I am reminded of a place where arms of conflict wrought hate and fear yet were conquered by the arms of love.