Easter Reflections 2012

As I have been making candles this week I have been pondering the message of Christ’s cross and resurrection. The beauty of our Sunday liturgy and the Holy Triduum helps us focus on His passion, death and conquest of sin and death. I was especially meditating upon our Lord’s words shortly before He left the upper room and went to Gethsemane.

“Love one another as I have loved you”…by this shall all men know you are my followers, by the love you have one for another…this is my commandment, that you love one another, that your joy may be full.” [John13-15].

But as I observe how the church, how Christians are known today it seems we are most known for..our politics, or our focus upon issues instead of Christ. While we can blame the media for much of this there are sad reasons why we are known, not for God’s love and His joy in our lives but for being judgmental and at times hateful. This brings me to ask, Am I a tomb or a temple?

We are called to bear the Risen Christ in our body, in our life. Our words, our actions should be proclaiming the hope and joy of our risen Lord. Yet so often Jesus can become buried in the tombs of our doubts, distractions and fears. We become so focused on our moral priorities and politics, upon issues, that we lose the light of His love, that indeed leads us ALL from sin to forgiveness. We lose sight of…Christ. We become so hung-up on politics and problems that the promise of God’s mercy becomes buried in judgment and fear.

For myself, Lord, please forgive the times I have buried you in doubts and fears, when I have focused on issues, in my life and others and not allowed you to reign as the King of Holy Love. Please, Jesus, help me, not be a tomb, but a temple of your mercy.