“Compromise”.  It is interesting that for so many people it is a word and concept fraught with fear and negativity.  The ancient conflicts in the Mid-east, our own political strife, relationship discord, economic angst all are opportunities for compromise yet most people fear taking those steps toward finding a compromised solution.
Many people perceive it as a weakness to be avoided at all costs.  Many people are most secure in their perception that life issues are very precise and clear, black and white.  It has been said that with both God and nature there is no compromise.
I for one see both God and creation a bit differently.  Yes there is black, white, darkness and light.  But….there is also gray.  Our Lord who gives us the bright clarity of a sunny day, the inky darkness of a moonless night also gives us the  times and places of fog shrouded faith.  Indeed there are issues, times, places where  clarity is sharp and unarguable..to us.  Yet perhaps we need to remember that not everyone is where we are on all issues.  What may be pristine in clarity to us may be a cloud-shrouded path for others.
Perhaps the issue of compromise can be looked at in another way.  If we were to take the word, literally to the roots, we can share a fresh understanding.  Com=With & Promise = Promise.   On most issues can we look to find a common value, understanding on which to start a place of “sharing the promise”?

Even God, pristine in the total beauty of full holiness found the way of compromise.  In His holy, pure love God came to us, became man and walked the path of compromise, the path of fearless, conquering love.  We know it now as the Way of the Cross.  It leads to the place of compromise, the Cross.

I, for one, am eternally grateful God “shared the promise” of holiness and love to find me.