14th Sunday of Ordinary Time ~ 9 July 2017  ~



Homily Cyber-copy

“Alelluia!” The Lord God, almighty reigns! [Rev. 19:6]

So …we welcome Christ’s Presence in the Gospel with this word.. Yet so often we may sing..say..listen, perhaps, but our hearts are often far from full of the alleluias our Savior deserves and for which we are created to proclaim.
Why is this so? What is causing us to miss the fullness of joy, the peace our refrain in our psalm today calls us to share? What burdens you today? What cares, worries, fears, weigh upon you? What baggage is holding back from sharing a heart-filled Alleluia to our Lord?
In the Gospel Jesus speaks of revealing the Father, the fullness of His kingdom to us. Jesus then proceeds to give us the solution to the struggles which we face that hinder our fullness of peace.

COME to Jesus. We who labor, who are weary, heavy burdened. We are called to come to Christ, as we are. We come to Christ, in prayer, in reconciliation, in Holy Communion, in faith. coming to our Lord we discover…

REST, God will give. We must allow the Holy spirit to lift from our souls the burdens, the baggage we accumulate and to remove all the crosses of our designs. Then we must trust His whose hands were pierced to heal the wounds our self, the world would afflict upon us. Rested, healed we then are brought to…

TAKE MY YOKE upon you. Our yoke, custom made for us by God who knows our every strength and weakness will then be placed with holy care and compassion. Our yoke, sized, fitted, adjusted by He who knows and loves us. As His hands place our yokes upon us we are surprised…

TO LEARN FROM HIM.. that our yoke is the Cross we are called by Jesus to share. We learn of the fullness of grace the Holy Spirit brings as He dwells within. We discover something else.. that many of the burdens, needs cares..we were facing have not changed. But we have. We are learning that yes..the problems, burdens, sorrows of life are real..they are a part of life, this side of eternity. But we learn we are not called, created to face them alone. We are created to grow through them with Jesus our Lord, our God.

It is then we also learn to proclaim from the depths of our soul..ALLELUIA! The Lord God almighty reigns!