We gather this 33rd, Sunday, the last Sunday of Ordinary Time.   As we prepare for the Feast of Christ the King next Sunday and the rapid approach of Advent we are reminded of the end of times, of  seasons and the end of all time that heralds the return of Christ the King.  These reminders we hear from the Word of God.  The signs of seasons ending we see in the leaves falling and chilly nights.  The signs of  approaching eternity we see in events all around when seen in the Light of God’s Word.  We are reminded that THE KING IS COMING and that He has created and redeemed us for eternity.

This truth usually presents our souls with many questions and even  perhaps fears.  Yet if we heed God’s Word, especially as proclaimed in our Entrance antiphon today, we can be encouraged.  :  “The Lord said: I think thoughts of peace and not of affliction.  You will call upon me, and I will answer you, and I will lead back your captives from every place.” (Jer. 29:11-14). To better understand and prepare for the Coming King let us explore 3 questions.

WHEN? – The challenges of  time…Our diverse understanding (calendars, hours) all  teach us time is a very finite grace to prepare for eternity.  Our Infinite and Eternal God and King cannot, will not, be confined to the very finite capacity of our intellect and our efforts to organize and manage His schedule.  This great mystery is confirmed in our Gospel as Jesus reminds us that the generation to which He was speaking over 2000 years ago would see all fulfilled yet that only His Father knows when these things will occur.  Whether we look at our own crossing of eternity’s threshold or the second great coming and return of Christ for all eternity, those times are in God’s heart.  It is not ours to know “WHEN”.  It is ours to be growing evermore ready for our King to come….at… ANY  TIME.

WHERE? – What is the geography of the return of Jesus?  It is all around us.  For as we heed the world we see God’s working in the testings of fires, wars, politics and disasters.  God, in His holy love, allows us to encounter consequences of rebellion and to repent and return to Him.  Even the Godly are allowed to share in these suffering to proclaim the eternal mercy, hope and love that transcends all earthly sorrow or cares.  But the most holy place God would seek to reign, first and always is in the human heart, our human heart through His mercy and grace.

WHAT? Are we to do to be preparing for our coming King?  To follow the way of life and joy proclaimed in our Psalm today, the follow to, walk in His Faith, Hope and Love with Courage, realizing that as St. Claude de Columbaire said: “What have you to fear from a hand that was pierced  and nailed to the Cross for you?”  It is as we follow, taking His hand we then will, with Thanksgiving“ that… We proclaim your death O Lord and profess your resurrection until you come again.”  May our lives and words share our hope and joy that the King is Coming!