As the world faces the difficult realities of the Covid 19 virus we are also encountering some very difficult lessons of human nature. There is much uncertainty in the clinical matters of the virus but the clinicians are working hard to work through the crises.

But the uncertainty is also causing many people to be fearFUL and panic and for others to fuel the fears and panic, for either financial or political profit. The irrational epidemic of panic buying is sad evidence of how people respond to a threat without sound information. It is a reminder of the old panic equation :


As the media and social media flood the minds and hearts of people the virus of panic becomes evident. That fear is a very popular and profitable part of the news media is a well known but an often ignored fact. Fear sells. And fear can generate intense sales in business and votes in politics, however irrational the fear may be. In the current health crises panic buying of toilet paper and bottled water is rampant. Yet this virus has no evidence of causing bowel problems or of affecting the drinking water.

To be informed, objectively, to take precautions, to exercise common sense is clearly needed. To listen to realities beyong the virus is also very important. To invest and exercise truth and courage is also very essential. To choose faith in God over faith in the media of the moment or feelings of fear is also paramount.

We need to remember: “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a disciplines mind.” We need to dwell in the truth that WITH GOD: “All things work together for God for those who love Him (Romans 8:28-38). It is a hard reality that sometimes that life can bring us uncertainty and fear. But it is a greater reality that courage is a choice and virture God would share as we realize: “There is no fear in love but perfect (complete) love casts out all fear, (I John 4:16-19).

Finally, as we encounter the virus of panic and fear may we respond in the promise and power of our Lord and Savior: “Peace be with, my peace I give unto, not as the world gives...”(John 14)