We come to a close of our online Lenten Retreat. As we do let us return to the opening Scripture story of the healed paralytic young man. Much is unknown about this individual but some facts are clear and others maybe be surmised. He was a young man, very possible paralyzed as a result of sin. That Jesus first chose to forgive him is significant. Yet this young fellow was also loved. The four men who carried him to Capernaum and then tore open the roof of the house where Jesus spoke were compelled to extraordinary efforts and …, that works through love. But what happened after the young man left. It is likely he returned home to renew and restart his life, to the joy and excitement of his family.

Let us now look to the stories of the disciples in the boat amidst the stormy seas. When Jesus would finally intervene the peace and hope, the assurance would be shared…they would be going home. They would be saved.

Our theme has been God’s Healing and mercy. It is about healing of sickness, afflictions, trials in our lives. But it is also about the healing journey we all share and are called to be participating in with..for each other as we look to and follow Christ. It is about our faith journey…home to God.

In closing then, let us close in prayer:

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the gifts of healing and mercy we find in the Presence and graces of your Son. Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing those urgently needed gifts into our lives. Holy Jesus, touch the wounds, the fears of each one with your hands pierced in Holy Love. Cleanse us of our sins. Free us to have the courage to take up our beds and walk as we grow in your healing, in your mercy. And as we walk, together, Lord help us to be Your voice, Your hands, Your feet, Your Body helping us all to share on our journey of healing mercy to..You, our Savior and Lord.

In Christ Name we pray. Amen.

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