17th Sunday of Ordinary Time ~ 24 July 2022 ~ Bible Readings for Mass: I: Genesis 11:1-13; Responsorial: Psalm 138; II: Colossiona 2:12-14; Gospel: Luke 11:-13

Just Pray. [Photo source, location unknown]

Prayer. Countless homilies and reflections have been spoken. Even more words have been written. For the Catholic many are the graces given through the many types and prayers learned. Scripture, as shared in our readings for this day, abound in lessons, examples, calls and promises given by God to JUST PRAY.

This reflection could easily add to these many words and lessons. Instead I sense the Holy Spirit would seek something else. To JUST PRAY. Just talk with God. Simply. Honestly. Let your heart and soul truly listen and respond to the One who longs to hear your voice and speak with you. If that is too difficult then allow this small reflection from St. Bonaventure to bring you into the Presence of Jesus and JUST PRAY.

Christ on the cross

bows His head waiting for you, that He may kiss you;

He stretched out His arms, that He may embrace you;

His hands are open that He may enrich you;

His Body is spread out, that He may give Himself totally;

His feet are nailed, that He may stay there;

His side is open for you that He may let you enter there.

~ St. Bonaventure

St. Francis of Assisi with Jesus on the Holy Cross [Artist unknown]