Redwood Journal

Healing of the Man Born Blind
(Reflections from the Gospel for the 4th Sunday of Lent ~ 2008)

From birth his eyes had never
seen his Mama’s face
as she held him
in her arms
with tears
for the blind mistake.

Or his Papa’s
worried love
as he came through the door,
those sights his eyes
never did behold.

He had never seen
the sun
shining gold
through the trees.

Never saw the birds
In Spring’s
green joy
to wing.

He never saw the grapes
at violet harvest crush.
Nor see the red of wine,
to cheeks bring a blush.

He never
but felt,
those who at him
long would stare.

He heard,
but never saw
those who at his faults,
would glare.

He never saw a smile,
for a job
that he had done.
He never saw a dog
that with a child did run.

No color he…

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