This is the online journal of Harry J. Martin.  It is a collection of  writings, poetry,  online versions of homilies, and reflections of issues of our times and eternity.

I am a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church [Diocese of Santa Rosa, California], a retired Fire Chaplain, firefighter and Fire Prevention Officer.  I am blessedly married for over 44 years and father of a precious son and daughter & two Golden Retrievers.   I have been active in mental health advocacy for many years.

The title of this journal stems from my first steps, my conversion, as a Christian, in the coastal Redwood forests of Armstrong Redwoods near the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. I lived there, among the Redwoods as an eighteen year old employee.  And  it was there my journey of faith, following Jesus Christ, began with a question heard one evening in prayer…        “WILL YOU TRUST ME? 

Editorial Note:  All writings, unless otherwise noted and credited, are my own.  Images shared are from the internet or my own photography.  Proper credit is given, if available.  If any images are copyrighted and use is not properly provided please contact me and they will be removed.  It is the intent of this blogger to respect and credit the works of others.