tumblr_olv4bupfyw1s9od7wo1_1280The conflicts of the world are evident where ever we look. The Church, the people of God, the Presence of Christ in this world, are called to be His servants of peace, mercy, hope and the love for which all hunger.
Yet the Church itself is struggling with conflicts within. The divisions between conservative and progressive ideologies, “Traditional” versus Novus Ordo liturgy, family values and more are new wounds in the Body of Christ that the enemy seeks to enflame.
Yet Christ promised…He will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Are we allowing ourselves to be trapped in the divisive conflicts that are so popular with some?

Are we more concerned with the labels and boxes to place each other in…“conservative”, “progressive”, Traditionalist” “Novus Ordo” or the powerful truth…Christian, Catholic?
Are we willing to see others as God does with eyes of prayer?
Are we willing to stand alert, armed, and ready in prayer?
Are we willing to show the world and our brothers and sisters that “ we are His disciples by the love you have for one another” [John 13:35]