As the Covid Virus continues to assault the health and vitality of vast numbers of people and the economies of nations around the world it is very easy to lose sight that it is people, individuals that are afflicted by this disease.  For some groups the apparent perception that if you are young and healthy the risks, even if the virus is contracted, is rather minimal.  This seems to be part of the disregard many seem to be taking for sheltering in place, wearing face masks and simply CARING about the health and welfare of others.  This is especially evident with the population most at risk, the elderly and those with underlying health problems.  While in the United States care appears to be given to all in need.  Yet even here in the States there are those who question whether or not the elderly, the unwell really should be given the degree of care to which the younger people are entitled.

While those opinions are guarded in many places there are countries where the actual practice of triage by age is a model or medical practice.  Sweden illustrates a growing popularity and acceptance of the dangerous practice of others choosing who is worthy, entitled of care..of living.   The world has seen the cruel reality when those in charge take the power to choose who receives care, who lives or dies, who is entitled and worthy of life or who is disposable.

Read the attached article from the BBC on the practices in Sweden.  Pay attention to attitudes, even practices in other places.

It seems the once common value of respect and care for the elderly and the unwell is a vale rejected by some.    Let’s remember, Life is the natural choice.

Sweden’s, Not Subtle Choice of Elder Disposal